The Finnish shooting sports club «Kankaanpään ampumaurheilijat» is happy to invite all shooters and shooting sports lovers to take part in Kankaanpää Open 2017. The event is arranged from 2017-11-17 to 2017-11-19 in Kankaanpää, Finland. Kankaanpää Open consists of two separate competitions.

The venue:
The competition will be arranged in our multi sports center Kankaanpään Liikuntakeskus (Address: Jämintie 10, Kankaanpää). Kankaanpää is located in the western part of Finland. The competition arena is equipped with Megalink target systems for air rifle and air pistol.

• Friday, November 17: Arrival. Training and check-in
• Saturday, November 18: The qualification and the finals (ISSF rules)
• Sunday, November 19: The qualification and the Super Final

Shooting events:
Saturday: Air Rifle/Air Pistol: Male and Male junior 60 shots. Female and Female junior 40 shots. The finals of the events.
Sunday: The additional competition, Air Rifle/Air Pistol: Male and Male junior 60 shots. Female and Female junior 40 shots. The additional competition is one of the qualifying factors for the main events, Air Rifle super final and Air Pistol super final. The finalists are chosen so that the best two of their events (based on the combined score of both days) get to participate, as well as four shooters that are chosen by drawing lots.

Entry process:
You find the entry form on the Kankaanpää Open official website. Entries will open on Friday 2017-9-1 and close on Tuesday 2017-10-31. The event has a limited number of entries.

Entry fees:
• Saturday: The qualification and the ISSF competition: 30 EUR
• Sunday: The qualification and the super final: 70 EUR

The Super Final:
The Super Finals are our elimination competitions for air rifle and air pistol. This is how the super final works: after every competition shot, the worst shot is announced and the shooter receives a warning. Receiving two warnings will result in the elimination for the shooter. The last shooter standing is the winner. Shoot well – or may the odds be ever in your favor!

In order to take your chances you have to participate both in Saturday and Sunday’s events. There are 12 participants in the Super finals: the two best shooters of every event and four randomly chosen finalists that have participated in both Saturday and Sunday’s qualification.  (The final competitions will not be arranged for the events with less than 12 participants if such occur.)

Prizes for the super finals:
1. 600 €
2. 300 €
3. 150 €
4. 75 €